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About Ruth

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website.

I absolutely love everything about the wedding industry. Being a part of the process of a couple's wedding is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ever imagine. I love meeting couples for the first time and hearing all about how they met and what type of ceremony they would like.  

People ask me if I get bored doing so many ceremonies.  My answer is "definitely not".  I remind myself of what it feels like when your wedding day arrives.  The entire day, not just the ceremony. In the morning I am aware the bride would most likely be getting her hair and makeup done with her bridal party.  At that same time I am probably recharging my PA system and checking off everything I need to pack in the car.  I consider myself part of the day and part of the experience. I am involved, and honoured and excited to be such an important part of the occasion.

At the actual ceremony, I enjoy talking to the groom and trying to keep him calm while we are waiting for his bride.  I love the moment when I tell him to turn around so he can see his future wife walking towards him. Why on earth would I get bored with that?

I hope you will consider me when you are choosing your celebrant. I would love to be by your side, not only at the ceremony, but in the entire lead up to that moment.

Ruth xx

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The Small Details

I pride myself on my attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance and I will prepare your ceremony as if it was my own.  I will make sure you are also familiar with all the details so you can be totally relaxed and enjoy your day.

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